About us

The multi-agency presentation day is specifically geared to Year 7 students. In a rotation of workshops with the agencies, students look at how society deals with people who commit crimes. We explore students’ preconceptions and stereotyping in relation to criminal activity. We raise awareness of the long lasting and far reaching effect of crime on their future.

The students discuss the life choices they have and the consequences of making the wrong choices. Our programme encourages young people  to make informed decisions and to understand that they have a choice about the path they take in life.



– Ealing, Greenwich, Bexley, Bromley, Harringay, Western & Northern Sussex Local Justice Areas

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Keeping young people out of the criminal justice system is common sense,
the Metropolitan Police Service recognises that a criminal record
can be a big obstacle to life. Working with the magistrates allows young
people to stay away from formal justice system whilst holding them to account for their conduct

Cl Nick Davies - Brent Police Partnership

The Programme

The YLYC presentation day is tailored to cater for specific issues individual schools are facing and these are explored in the relevant workshops. We cover gang and drug issues, knife crime and joint enterprise. The YLYC programme addresses the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QC) Programme of Study – Key Stage 3 Citizenship Curriculum 1a,f; 2a,b,c; 3a,b,c.

The basic structure of the day:

•    DVD (all students)
•    Professional workshops (15-20 students)
–   Magistrates
–   Police officers – safer schools / trident
–   Prison officers
–   Directions Project – ex-offenders
–   EOTAS – inclusion officers / paramedic / cyberbullying & sexting
•    Plenary – DVD real life stories (all students)